Not a bad month

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Pretty good month, if I say so myself.

For the weight challenge we’re having at work, for the [not quite] halfway point, I’ve lost 9 pounds. I know my buddy lost 6, and a bunch of people haven’t done squat. I feel pretty good, and although I’m hungry sometimes, I dont’ feel like I’ve starved myself at all (or eaten unhealthy).

For running, it’s been pretty good…I’ve actually gotten some miles in. Over 50, I think. :)

Today I went out to the woodlands behind us to survey damage from the recent rains. It’s not nearly as bad as I thought it was.  A whole lot of underbrush has been cleaned out, and there’s a lot more sand back there than I thought there would be.

Now here’s the interesting thing.  While out there, not far behind my fence, I found a hunting camera.  I think they’ll have a few good pictures of me taking video of the area.  There was also some sort of feeding bucket, and a 100 ft downstream or so, a wooden lean too.  At first, I thought one of the neighbors must just be watching what wildlife we have. (Something I’d do.)  But then talking about it when I got home, we realized that no, people are probably hunting back there. (Yes, we’ve heard gunshots.  Then I figured that the lean-to must be their hunting blind.

Now, I’m not sure about y’all, but I was a bit shocked to think that people were hunting in my subdivision. 

From there, I did an easy 3 miles on the road.  It was real nice, and I actually ran almost the entire time, even going up the hills.  I guess the strength training that I’m doing with the diet is helping too.

[I did some video in the woods, but haven’t looked at it yet. I might put it up later.]

Written on January 31, 2010