Now there's pressure

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So I’m happily here checking my mail.

Oh look.  Something from GUTS.  A confirmation that I’m registered for the race on Jan 3rd.  Cool, I figured I was in, but it’s nice to get the confirmation.  It’s a 50K…technically a fat-ass, but it’s probably the best stocked and manned FA in the country.  Food, beer, party atmosphere, definitely not what’s expected of one.

Having done absolutely no training, I don’t have high hopes. My plan was to give myself 8 hours and see how it goes. Being a loop course, it’s easy to modify plans on the go.  At the start/end of each lap there is the aid station.  There’s also a water fountain 1/2 round the loop (if it’s not turned off).

The plan is to mainly walk. I’ll run as I feel up to it, but really, I want to see if I can cover the distance mainly be walking. I’ll be doing a lot of lower body and core over the next 2 weeks to try to get ready for the hills.  Hopefully I can get a few miles in too.  We’ll see.

So here’s where the pressure comes in…

At the bottom of the confirmation email:

Thanks to sponsor Ray Brown of High Pointe Consulting we will free shirts for all finishers of the full 50K distance. For everyone else, the shirts will be available for $10. And believe me, they are worth running 50K for!

Oy Vey! Now there’s pressure to not DNF.

Written on December 20, 2009