On the early mornin' run

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On the early morning run, with my ipod in my hand. With an aching in my legs, and a shoeful of sand... I'm a long way from home, and only a couple more miles to go.

Out during mile number 9, Asics laces and set to go But I'm stuck here in the grass with a pain that evergrows Now the gatorade tasted good, and the women all were fast Well now there she goes my friend, she's beating me at least...

This old track's got me down, it's no earth good to me 'Cause I'm stuck here with a cramp, as cold and stiff as I can be You better jump  and go when you hear that big ol' gun, So I'd best be on my way, on the early morning run.  

Ah, my apologies to Gordon Lightfoot. Sometimes this happens when I run early. (But for the record, it was not raining. It was actually a beautiful morning, with just a sliver for a moon. And no traffic.)



Written on August 28, 2008