Preparing for the coming weekend

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Next Sunday I’m running the 2009 ING Georgia marathon.  Woohoo!

I’m not prepared in the least! Woohoo!

My last long run was Feb 21 at Black Warrior! Woohoo.

I did 15.5 miles on road a couple weeks ago. It hurt. I didn’t yell Woohoo. However, the 6 miles of trails in the rain garnered a bunch of woohoo-karma.

Oh, yeah…I’ll be taking this one easy. Real, real easy. However, I did decide I’m going to take the woohooing to a new level. Hopefully, I can get a group woohoo going at various point. If you see a dork carrying a small video and yelling alot, that will be me. Be sure to say hi. Woohoo.

(Yes, this is because I got a lot of comments from my video, where people said “gee, you sure woohoo a lot.”  Go figure.)

Written on March 23, 2009