PT, PT, Everyday. Give me more, give me more.

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Well, I’ve gone to physical therapy a few times now. The first, it was painful! Oh, it hurt so good.

Justin, the guy helping me at Elite Sports Medicine, has been real good. The first thing he said after spending a few minutes talking and pushing and pulling my legs in various ways was “we can fix this. You have no flexibility, and once we get that taken care of, this problem will probably go away.”  Made me laugh, because I’ve know for years that I have no flexibility. My buddy in college was going to school to be a massage therapist, and he used to cringe and laugh at me all the time about my tight hamstrings, IT band, and pretty much everything else.

So, Justin hooked me up to the electro-pulse thingy for a while. Kind of fun, but not sure if it makes a difference, then put me to work doing the good stuff.

Starting with various things with a foam roller, I was put through some miserable activities for about 15 minutes, all designed to break up the soft tissue throughout my legs and butt, and make it all more pliable. Yeah, it’s hard. But the good thing about doing it, is that you know it’s doing something.

From there, went through some exercises, some I knew, some I didn’t, and some good stretching. (Makes a difference when you got some big weightlifter cranking on your leg…much better than the bend and touch your toes stretch we all do.)

At the end of the session, I left knowing I should keep doing this every day. So I did. Each evening while watching TV, I sit on a yoga mat and do alot of the same things.

After the second visit, which was pretty much the same as the fist, I noticed a big difference. (Humorously enough, Justin seemed pretty surprised that I was doing everything every day. He’s not used to that. Of course, since I’m motivated to get going again, I’m going to keep doing them as my schedule permits.)

What was the big difference, you ask? Well, I noticed it in the morning before my 3rd appointment. I leaned against a counter while my coffee was brewing, as I do just about every morning. But something was different…took a second and a couple times of standing, then leaning. Wait! My butt got mushy! Now, instead of having a rock hard butt, it actually moves when I put pressure on it.

After my dear, sweet wife laughed at me for a couple hours, I got over it and moved on. Yeah, I guess this is for the better, and it’s what happens when you have some flexibility. I thought it was pretty funny, even it is means I don’t have buns of steel any more.  Oh well.

Anyhow, session 3 wasn’t bad. Added some serious lunges into the routine. No big deal, although they aren’t my favorite exercise. The therapist laughed at me too.

Overall, my hip is better. Still a little sore, but not horrible. The really bad pain I had on occasion has not come back. And I took a 2.2 mile casual walk this morning without trouble. So I guess all is going according to plan.

We’ll keep going. I’ll probably build the walking back up to a decent distance this week, since I’m off work. Then see about a little bit of running, just to test the waters, some point soon.

Written on November 23, 2008