Race Week Buildup

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It never fails. Every time a big event comes up, one starts to notice every little thing that will impact it. So far, my week has been something like so:


  • Get in last long run. That felt great, so I’ll even stretch afterwards to make sure the muscles don’t start aching later. Aaaaah…
  • Plan meals for week: Honey, what are we having for dinner? I don’t care-I was thinking pasta on Thursday, maybe Wednesday too.
  • Do some more stretching in the evening. Hey, is that a twinge I feel in my ankle?


  • Wake up. Damn I ankle hurts, I can barely walk. Hobble to bathroom and get ready for work. Might as well take workout clothes in case it feels better.
  • Limp around work all morning. Dang, it still hurts, and no one is feeling sympathy for me and bringing me coffee. Guess I’ll skip the working, but I can get in some quality Hostess Cupcake therapy in after lunch.
  • Stretch and ice in the evening. Well, usually when this happens it’s fine the next day.


  • Wake up. Okay, I can walk to the bathroom without much difficulty, so I guess I’m healed.
  • Hmmm…skip lunchtime workout again, just to be safe. Indulge in more Hostess Cupcake therapy, that must have helped. Plus, it’s cold out. When did that happen?
  • Go to the Tuesday bowling league and whine about ankle. Tell everyone how I’m going to suck tonight, then throw one of my best games ever. Get cocky, throw next to worst game ever and whine about ankle some more. Get head out of ass and throw a decent third game.


  • Wake up. Almost no pain in ankle..cool. Head to work. Shit! There’s snow flurries-that’s going to screw my run. Calm down, listen to radio...okay, should be 60 on Friday and Saturday. We’re okay.
  • Go for easy run on treadmill at lunch. Hmmm…that wasn’t bad. Crank up speed a little…okay, I’m good to go. Go change. Eye scale. Nah…that would just depress me. What the hell was I thinking with those cupcakes?
  • Come up with plan for run. If I can maintain 5 mph, it will only take 6 hours. That's easily under the 29 hour limit. Yeah...that's the ticket...Only 6 measly hours
  • Uh oh...is that a crink in my back? Maybe I need to make to the chiropractor...


  • Wake up. Ankle okay. Back okay. Whew!
  • Dang. 22 degress out...it better warm up. Hmmm...my nose is a bit stuffy. Maybe I'm getting a cold. Well, I should be able to run through that...
  • Okay, lunchtime workout was good. Maybe I should revise my plan. I can go faster! Set a PR! Wooo hah! (uh, no. that's probably a bad idea--lets see how it goes.)
Written on February 28, 2008