Reliving the glory

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Since I know everyone loved reading and hearing about the Black Warrior 50K last weekend, you’d want to know that I posted various photos over on the photo site.  Most of these were taken by the gang as they waited for me. (And I must say, I was extremely impressed with their self-control of the camera. There were no embarrassing shots waiting as a surprise when I got home.)

If you wander over to David Rays race report, it seems like he spent half his race taking pictures of me. Being the good looking guy I am, I don’t mind, and he was kind enough to let me copy them.  I marked them with a -DR in the title, as you look at them. 

I’d like to point out for the record, I spent time during the race sending e-mail updates, not changing my Facebook status.  Since cell phone coverage was sketchy, e-mail is the way to go, since it will just queue up and send whenever a signal returns.  And yes, I’ll continue to do this whenever I’m in a race and have my phone. Had I a camera phone, I probably would have gone really crazy sending stuff. :)

One thing I was also happy with, was I was running again on Monday. I was a little stiff on Sunday, but overall it wasn’t bad at all.  All my soreness was muscle, not joint pain, which makes me really happy.  I intentionally took it really easy this week as a forced rest, since I have some long runs this month getting ready for the ING Marathon on March 29th.  (If I’m looking good to PR, I’ll keep the emails to a minimum.)

To all of you racing this weekend (Thrill in the Hills 1/2 marathon, Mt Cheaha 50K, etc), have a good run! 

Depending on the weather, I’ll head out to to do some photography.

Written on February 27, 2009