Running for my birthday

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Having just had a birthday, I decided to head out to try to run a really long ways…the plan was for either 8 hours or 41 miles, whichever came first.

Arriving at the park where I was going to run to find Beth M and Ryan R waiting to do a little bit with me. Todd M showed up a couple minutes later, and after a few minutes of chatting, off we went.

The first lap (each lap is 2.2 miles, plus a 1/10 of a mile to get to the car/trail) was quick.  The first mile was about 10:20, and the whole lap in 23. Yeah, that might not be fast compared to what some of you run, but for me, that’s flying.  It was also exciting, because believe it or not, that’s the first time that I’ve ever run the entire lap. Yeah, I’d think as many miles as I’ve put in there, I’d have done that before, but I don’t think I have.

The one thing we all noticed right away was that it was cold and windy. The weather report the day before said it was going to warm up a bit. I eagerly awaited that.

We also noticed the flooding. The water lever was up probably a good foot, and the base of trees we normally see were underwater. At the dam, you could see where the water level had gone 10-15 feet up the embankment higher than usual, and has come back down. 

About 3/4 of the way through the second lap, Ryan K showed up.  Kindly, he gave me a hard time about being old. Apparently, this is my mid-life crisis.


Matt showed up to do a couple laps too. (But I don’t remember exactly when.)

Our next lap (with Beth, Ryan and Todd), we walked most of. Half way through, we ran into Helen and stopped for a moment to say hi.  I had to laugh as everyone gave me a hard time about walking too fast and they had a hard time keeping up.  (Note to self: I really should work on my walking to be able to maintain the speed a lot longer.)

And then, it was just me and Ryan for the next lap.  The wind starting to pick up more each lap, and at this point, it definitely felt colded. As Ryan was getting ready to leave, he offered to bring me back some coffee or hot chocolate, which I happy accepted. So at the end of the next lap, I had a nice treat waiting.


The next lap was a lot colder and I was definitely starting to feel the mileage.  The knees were aching a bit from the concrete, and the bottoms of my feet were sore.  Oh yeah, it was still cold out, and at this point I was annoyed at the weathermen, since it hadn’t warmed up at all.

As a couple more laps went on, I was really starting to feel the fact that I hadn’t done ANY distance training, but less on pavement, in a long while.  So, after 18ish miles, I decided to call it quits for the day. I feel like I got the training out of the day that I wanted, and the next day, I’m a little sore. (Telling me I stopped at the right point.)

David C, Carol, and Beth M (again), who were going to come out in the afternoon, thanks.  (David called right as I was pulling out of the parking lot.) Beth is planning a long run on the silver comet in April, so I may try this distance again then.  (After ING, I might be done for a while.)

A glutenous burger at Red Robin finished off the day. For those interested, if you sign up for their email, they give you a burger every year on your birthday.  (And Waffle House will give you a waffle.)

Written on February 7, 2010