Running is hard.

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Well, I learned a lesson this week.

After 3 months off, getting started moving again is tough. It hurts.

On Monday, I decided it was time to get back on my feet after all the baby stuff going on. (Sweetie had actually been trying to get me out for a while, but I kept putting it off.)

So, off I went thinking I’d do the usual 2.9 mile route during lunch.  Well, after running the first 100 feet, I rapidly revised my plans to taking a fast paced stroll for a mile and a half.  And I felt every bit of it!  I had muscle aches where I forgot I had muscles.

The good thing, is on Tuesday, things were better.  I did speed work with weights, and it wasn’t quick as bad.  By Thursday’s trot, doing the loop wasn’t too bad, even if it wasn’t fast, or even mostly running.

Saturday brought me back to the running group, Isaac in tow.  While everyone else when for their run, we strolled around the area, covering a bit over 3 miles (and visiting 2 garage sales).  It was a good time, and Jr. even managed to stay awake for a good portion of it.  Can’t wait for a few months when I can load him into the jogger and hit the trails with him.

(And the really exciting part, as a proud parent, he’s often saying “Who”.  Which, I can only presume is a precurser to “WoooHooo”.  Oh yeah.)

We’ll see what this week brings.  I’m thinking about heading out to Hot-2-Trot next weekend to take some pictures.

Written on July 26, 2009