Excercise Log


Welcome to my exercise log.

The current Excel version can be found here.

8/30/09 Update: Here is the previous 2009 log. I started over, since I had a long break, and I wanted to simplify the log to allow it to be used for some other things.

Old Stuff:

On August 4th, 2008, I started a running streak.  I’m running and/or walking everyday until I hit the goal I’ve set for myself. (Or I break a leg.) My first discussion about this is here, and I’ll occassionally through posts up on the blog about this.  [NOTE: The streak ended on 11/10/08]

Below is the latest log info for my logging. This will be changed and updated as I go along.  To be honest, it will mostly be out of date, since I won’t update it everyday.  Online, I’m using RunnerPlus.com to track my mileage, it will be be the most current. (Although it may still be off by a day or two, since I don’t synchonize my toys every day.)

(Note: Thanks to David Hays for making his log template available. I may create my own at some point, but for now, this works well.)

Total Miles: January 2009: 104.88 Longest day: 23  Race: Hogpen Hill Climb 17K (not last place) December 2008: 33 Injury continues November 2008: 42 Month cut short due to injury October 2008: 95.32   Longest day: 21.85 September 2008: 125.74  Longest day: 19.2 August 2008: 85 (92.65 including non-streak)  Longest Day: 9.83

2/1/09 Update: I’m amazed how popular this page is. It’s continually showing up in the stats as being shown regularly.  The 2008 spreadsheet is here.