Attack of the giant chicken

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Attack of the giant chicken

The Adventure

After the last adventure with a giant chicken, we kept the farm theme going with Serving the Squash, by Florian Emmerich, Alex Clippinger, Poison Potion Press.

The party entered the town of Kukurbi just in time for their harvest festival. Rabbi Jimmy went to secure rooms and take a nap while the rest of the group explored a bit.

After talking to the mayor, and seeing crazy ol’ Millie rant and rave and get dragged off to jail for the night, they spent some time participating in the festival activities. That’s when the fun started…

At the end of the mayor’s speech, there was pumpkin’s attaching like crazy! It was Squash-tastic! Everyone got to smash at the crazy pumpkins for a few minutes.
Just as they cleaned off their weapons, the big squash himself shows up…

The battle proceeded. One of the players figured fire is a good thing, so both the casters started shooting any flame spell they had. The wonderful smell of roasting squash spurred every one, and after a pretty long battle, Gourdkin was vanquished.

DM Notes

I tried picking up the pace on this session a bit after the “it’s kinda boring” feedback from last time. The kids were into this one, and we had some good playing going on while Jimmy had to leave early for an appointment.

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