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Y’all know how I’ve been hitting the stairs once a week for the last couple months.  Yeah, good stuff there.  I figured if I got down to 4 minutes, I’d be flying.  My coworker who does this with me agreed.  4 minutes would be awesome.

We’ve mentioned this to another coworker of ours before.  He’s a pretty fit guy, doing 7:30ish miles in a 10K.  (At least last time we talked about speed, it was in that ballpark.)  We’ll call him BA.

Monday, I was heading out, and BA was in the locker room,and mentioned needing a quick workout so he thought he’d hit the stairs since we talked about it. “Yeah, sub 4 is the goal for you. I expect you won’t have too much problem with it”, I said to him on my way out.

Well, I get back from my walk, and find Brian showered and heading back. “So, how’d it go?”

BA: “Well, the goal was sub 4, and I beat that.”

R: “Cool. How do you feel?”

BA:  “Man, this hurts. Gonna feel this later.  Did pretty good until about the 9th floor, then slowed down.  Man, I was breathing hard. Thought my chest was gonna explode.”

R: “Yup! Stairs do that.”

… more idle chat…guess he’s doing a little crossfit these days…

BA: “Well, gotta head back upstairs.  See ya Rahn.”

R: “Okay.  What was your time, just for the record.”

BA:  “2:32”

R: “Crap! I suck!”

 I’d use the “I’m old, when you get to my age” excuse, but he’s a few years my senior.

Written on October 30, 2009