Something I haven’t done in a long, long time…Dennis McCormick 5K 2010

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I was thinking this morning that I think the last time I ran a 5K was probably 1993 or 1994.  It was “Run of the Mill”, in Mill Creek, WA. Besides being almost all downhill, the only other thing I remember was that the shirt was nice quality, but a pretty ugly pea green color. My friend Dwight who ran it with me remarked about how ugly it was, and for some reason, that’s stuck in my brain all these years later.

Why was I thinking about this?  This morning I ran the Dennis McCormick 5K, benefiting the Collins Hill cross country team, in (you guessed it) Suwanee, Ga.  A long time, and miles in-between these two races.

A big difference?  Well, today’s race had downhill in it. But it had an equal amount of uphill, and if I’m not mistaken,about 3/4’s of a track of flat.  (The race finished running a portion of the high school track.) Someone was holding up a sign today that said “go class of 2014,” and that made me feel really, really old. A lot of the kids running this morning weren’t even out of diapers the last time I did this distance.

The course, although hilly, was pretty good.  I actually thought it looked worse driving it than it was running…of course, this doesn’t mean it’s easy, but hey, we live here and run up and down hills all the time so it’s not like we shouldn’t be used to it.

This was Little Man’s first race, and my first time pushing our stroller for a significant distance while running. I’ve gone around the neighborhood, but nothing worth talking about.  He handles it pretty well (he actually usually seems kinda bored), and it was fun trying to beat some lady with her stroller.  She started out running, whereas I walked the first 5 minutes with some friends, so I was pretty happy actually catching up to her.  LM also had a good time running around the football field afterwards, and getting soaked by the grass.

Although I didn’t win anything, they had a nice door prize raffle after the awards.  I was going to laugh if I won the Runner’s Fit gift certificates.

I met up with a coworker and some friends for this race, and we went to breakfast afterwards.  Always fun…

Written on August 7, 2010