Summer nights in Georgia

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One thing that really shocked me when I first moved to Georgia was the evening thunderstorms. Wow, what a light show they give you. I thought I’d take a little space here to share with y’all what these are like.

I took these pictures last night (June 27, 2008), starting around 9:30. The sun was down, and it was dark out. Here’s a picture looking out the window of our front window:

When a storm comes it, it usually starts a bit slow. There is a little lightning, but it’s relatively small, and often a ways off. (There is a decent delay between the light and sound.)

This is usually the point I head out to the front porch. This is covered, and protects me from any rain, and hopefully the lightning.  I settle into my chair, and get set up, and try to be patient. Eventually, the fireworks start.

Now here, I should mention that I normally use a tripod. However, earlier this week, my friend Paul lent me his image stabilization lens, and I wanted to see how well it worked. It took me a couple shots to get used to standing completely still after the lightning until the shutter closed. (When I’m on a tripod, I usually slap my hand over the lens after the picture to try to prevent over exposing.) But heck, I still think this is a cool picture.

As more lightning roles through, I hopefully manage to capture some of it:

Now, remember the first picture at the top? Where I mentioned it was dark out? Here are a couple shots to show you how bright it can get:

(This second one was taken about 15 seconds before the first picture at the beginning!)

Now, of course, I always hope for one picture to knock my socks off. Last night worked out for me with this picture:

That’s it for now. Until next time…

Written on June 28, 2008