Sunday Morning

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The Sunday morning run was Harbins Park. A good crowd showed up: Dustin, Ryan, Mark, Joe, Roman, and Brad.

Weather was just about right, being a relatively cool 69 degrees, and everyone was in good spirits. After everyone decided on the route they were going, away we went.  (Variations of the hiking trail, the out and back on the horse trail, and the full horse trail.)

Heading out, we saw a really big spider on the trail. Jokingly I suggested Mark pick it up for a picture so we can have a size comparison, but he settled for putting his hand next to it. Whew, it was a doosey.

Big Spider

Knowing we were safe the rest of the run, since that surely must be the biggest monster out here, we continued to the trailhead. A quick right turn and a 1/8 of a mile to the first intersection, Bam! disaster struck.  A rock under my shoe slid out, and my foot with it. I could’ve swore I heard things tearing.

Well, Mark and I continue up the trail a little ways as I try to walk it off.  It’s going to be slow going, so Mark kicks off and will meet me around on a second lap or somewhere.  I take advantage of the situation, and promptly pull out my camera, and turn around to go the opposite direction to I can try to get some action shots.

I packed a different lens this week, that although it doesn’t have the image stabilization that I like, it’s a lot quicker in focusing.

Well, I’m cruising along, someone points out where some deer will be, but I missed them. As I was finishing up, the same thing happened where I say some white tailed butts running away from me. Oh well.

I was just finishing up an artistic shot when I hear them coming.

I’m so artistic, I can photograph a dandelion. I'm so artistic, I can photograph a dandelion.

And then, around the bend, here comes Brad, Dustin and Roman. About 2 minutes later, Joe and Ryan show up, battling it out up a hill.

Joe is just barely pulling the lead on Ryan. "Don't get used to it Joe!"]Joe is just barely pulling the lead on Ryan. "Don't get used to it Joe!"

And, not long after that, Mark followed.  Apparently Joe and Ryan somehow got lost and had to back track a bit. I guess they got confused between a road and a trail somehow.

Well, I continued casually walking my way.  At one point, I noticed a snickers wrapper, so decided what the heck, I’m not doing much else, I’ll make this into a trash walk/run.  Pulled out a trashbag from the camelback, put the wrapper in, and away I went.  Probably about a mile later, I ran into another piece of trash. Another snickers wrapper. Gee, guess there’s a theme going. It was suprising that there was so little trash, but nice.

After that, I started to pay a little more attention just because it seemed strange that there was so little.  Lo and behold, I started seeing a little more, such as the random plastic bottle. Some required a little bushwhacking to get to, and some required more bushwhacking than I was willing to do.  But overall it was good.  By the time I finished, my bag was full, and I felt I had some good karma going.

I did meet someone else out there going my pace.  This was right after I looked at my watch and realized I’d been an hour and a half, and had at least a mile to go.  Guess I really slowed down more than I thought I did. So I picked it up, went around the corner, and ran into “Tim”.  So of course, I stopped to hang out for a minute and take a picture or two.

Tim the Turtle paced me for an inch or two. Tim the Turtle paced me for an inch or two.

Now, the funny thing is, everyone thinks turtles are slow. and 99% of the time, they probably are. However, after we finished running and were driving home, I saw one crossing the road. I was going to stop to help move it along, and it just started booking across. I think it crossed a lane in about 5 seconds.  Mark and Ryan in their car saw it too, and we were all surprised by it’s speed.

Well, after the brief stop, I continued on and finished up the run.  Dumped the trash, and hung out while we waited for everyone else to finish. (Mark, Ryan and Joe were their already.)

Anyone interested in seeing all the pictures, I posted them at I’m debating switching my photo hosting over to them, and wanted to give it a try. Let me know what you think. One thing I noticed is that I can’t link directly to a photo over there from here. Or maybe I can, and I just need to figure it out. (It’s easy to do from Flickr.)  Let me know what you think.

A trip to Waffle House for post run nourishment, and we were good for the day.

Written on September 7, 2009