Sunday trip through suburbia

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Ah, Sunday. A good day for a long run.

The goal was a minimum of 25K. If I made it to 50K, it was a bonus. I wanted at least 4 hours on my feet, and longer would be better.  

With a Saturday night email to my group saying essentially “I’m running tomorrow, anyone coming? I’m making a pot of soup too”, I was set.  Woke up early (6:00-ish), right on schedule. Had breakfast and checked my mail (no takers. Oh well, their loss) and threw all the stuff for the soup into the crockpot. Then just after 7, out the door I went.

This was a typical trip through suburbia, run through various subdivisions (which give roads you can run down the middle of, and sidewalks if you need them, something seriously lacking in the Atlanta region.) Unfortunately, it was all pavement, but at least there were plenty of rolling hills to provide some entertainment.

Generally, everything went well.  A couple things of note:

  • I didn't carry the Camelback, just a water bottle. Boy, this is a lot easier! With each lap being between 4 and 6 miles, this worked well.
  • Unfortunatey, without a pack, carrying a GPS is a hassle. In the past, I've thought about putting together a load-bearing harness. Still think it's a good idea, but I'd sure look funny.  I'll need to keep thinking about away to do it.
  • No camera, no loss. Face it, suburbia is boring. So not having a camera with me was no big deal.
  • Mean dogs are not nearly as menacing behind a fence.
  • Soup between laps is AWESOME! My hydration on this run was perfect.  Soup really helps (with liquid+salt+nutrients.)

The other thing I did on this run was post status updates to Facebook.  How geeky am I?  It was fun to take my break for a couple minutes and send out updates saying things like “hey, I’m at mile 16 now.” People were responding back too, which made it very interactive. I don’t understand the whole Twitter thing, but for something like this, I can see where it’d be pretty cool to play with.

For the day, I ended with right around 23 miles.  The GPS tracks where all over the place, so it wasn’t too accurate. I did a re-do on MapMyRun, which is mostly accurate. (A few streets I went on aren’t on Google yet, so I faked it.) I didn’t realize until I went to do this run that they have a “follow the streets” option, that makes entering a route manually much easier. Kudos to them, since in general I’m not a real big fan. (Way too much advertising. I understand the need for it, but it interfers with usability.)

I even ended feeling pretty good.  So good, that when my wife suggested we run to the store, I didn’t mind. She got some great deals from the Ballard Designs Outlet. I really enjoyed an extra salty pretzel at Target.

Shout-out to Dave FM. My Ipod bit the dust, so Saturday night I got a new MP3 player that also has a radio in it. Dave FM has a Sunday morning “acoustic sunrise” program. It’s 4 hours of great rock, all unplugged. Not your usual running music, but I sure enjoy the programming.

Written on January 26, 2009