Taking it easy

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Waaaahhh…my ankle is bugging me. Not horribly bad, but enough to be annoying and tell me to take it easy for a little while. Given that these days there is nearly perfect running weather, it really is annoying.  I guess I’ll get plenty of time to strengthen and stretch now.

One thing I’ve been keeping myself entertained with is keeping up with the Ultra-List.  First off, congratulations go out to Andrew Thompson! He is the 8th person to complete the Barkley Marathons, definitely one of the toughest races around. You can read his race report here. (And yes, that is correct. In it’s 23 years, of over 700 starters, there have been only 8 finishers.)

During the race, someone was Twittering status updates. Apparently, this sparked a huge controversy, with alot of people giving their opinions. A good number of them thought that people shouldn’t be doing that during a race. As y’all know, I’m a fan of doing updates. Although I don’t use Twitter myself, I’ve been guilty of doing all sorts of updates during races. I’d like to think that everyone getting the updates enjoy them.

Really surprising to me was the intensity of which people were against this.  People were implying that if you had time to send a tweet or an email, then you had no business being out there running.  I’d imagine they’d be just as against stopping to take a picture or pausing to smell the flowers. To me, enjoying the journey is a big part of doing any race. And if I want to stop, inhale the fresh air, film a video and send a note to my sweetie, I’m going to do it.  So don’t worry, I’ll be sure to keep my updates coming. (And maybe I’ll sign up on Twitter to do it instead of using email and Facebook next time.)

Well, that’s about it for now. Hope to be on the trails soon, especially since the annual Chick-ekiden is coming up.

Written on April 12, 2009