Test ‘em 2010

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Yesterday, I made it out to the group at Runners Fit.  Matt, the sales rep from New Balance was there to let us demo some new models.  He had the 760 and 1268 (if I remember correctly).  I chose the neutral shoe.

We headed out for a nice 6 miles on the “new” group run course. Since the store moved a few months ago, I hadn’t been able to make the group runs much, so it was a nice change of pace. The new route has some pretty good hills in it, so made it a bit of a challenge.

As a nice change of pace, I had someone to run with the entire time.  Jason, a recent transplant from Texas, was there, and we run pretty close to the same speed, so we hung together the whole time getting to know each other.  He had me running up some hills where I probably would have talked, so it was good to be pushed.  (But on the other hand, I walked up some with him running beside me, proving that I can walk just as fast I can run. :)

The shoes rode pretty good. They had a bit more cushion than my Mizuno’s, which was nice. My only complaint was that there was an odd lump in one of the insoles. I think it’s an arch that’s put in right behind where the toes bend, but for me, it was too far back. (I’ve noticed this on other shoes on occassion.  They were a shiny silver, so I felt like I had some bling on…yeah, I’m do hip!

If I could get rid of that lump, I’d happily wear these shoes. 

Doing the road miles was good. I’ll need to bump them up a bit by the end of March to be ready for ING.

Written on January 24, 2010