The party's over, I'll be in the corner crying

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As y’all my know, I’ve been having some hip problems lately. So this morning I headed off to the local sports medicine doctor for an opinion.  A bunch of x-rays later, we had some conversations.  The good news is there doesn’t appear to be any fractures or other injuries that could be really bad. Since that’s what I was worried about, I was happy to hear that.

The bad news is, he is suggesting I “take it easy” for 4 weeks, do a bunch of physicial therapy and cross training, and try not to run.

The conversation went something like this:

Dr: So you’re running everyday, about 3 miles.

Me: Well, I am running everyday, but I’m averaging about 3 miles.

Dr.: Okay, we should take it easy…<bunch of other stuff>…and 3 miles a day is a bit for someone built like you.

Me: Let me clarify, since I probably wasn’t clear earlier.  I average 3 miles a day. Some days, I only do 1 mile. Other days, I’ll do 20. I just did 21 and some change a couple weeks ago with no problem.

[Dr. eyes get really big]

Dr.: You mean you go out for 21 miles? How often? 

Me: Yeah. I try to do that once or twice a month. I have a couple of 50K’s planned, and a marathon in a few months.

Dr.: Oh, that changes everything!  Thats a lot of miles at one time.

Me: uh, yeah. but it’s no problem to do. the pain stays the same on those days than the shorter days.

Dr.: Yes, that definitely changes everything. Besides the physical therapy, you should definitely take it easy and not run for a little while.  Running is hard on the real skinny people I see, and for someone who has a build like yours, its going to be a bit harder.  And you say you’ve been running for 3 years with no injury?

Me: Yeah, I’ve amazed myself with the fact I haven’t had a serious injury.  Well, my knee had some issues, and I took it easy for a couple weeks.  No big deal…

… the conversation went on a bit more…

The end result is, I think I’m going to end the streak as of yesterday’s run.  Had I know it was going to be the last one for a while, I would have done something exciting.  At least last weekend was fun. (Still have the blog post to complete about that.)

I’ll have a month of PT ahead of me, and there is another specialist I’ll go to next month that sounds exciting. Some sort of nutritionist who does metobolic assessments and stuff.  And cross training is fine, and I like biking, so not the end of the world…

Written on November 12, 2008