The wee adventure of running

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I recently ran across this article on that made me laugh. Its about the need to pee during long (and not so long) distance runs. The reason I laugh is because, well, because it’s funny. It’s a natural thing we all have to deal with. (And yes, I’m older than 13. At that age, I probably would have just been embarrassed.) So, I thought I’d share my peeing stories.

When I ran the New York marathon in 2004, one thing I was looking forward to was seeing something they actually talk about in their brochure: The worlds longest urinal. Now, I went there expecting a huge ceramic bowl or something. Okay, really I had no preconceived notions, but hey, you gotta be curious what it’s going to be, and since you have a few hours to waste between getting off the bus and the race starting, you might as well look at everything. After finding it, I was a bit disappointed that it was a bunch of PVC 1/2 pipe connected together with duct tape going down a gentle slope to a collection bucket at the bottom. As I stood there, verifying that it actually works, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy that had to tear it down after we left.

Last year, when I ran the ING Georgia half marathon, I saw a number of people stopping in one alley to go. Being the civilized gent I am, I decided to pass on this (plus I was making good time at the moment). But later one, I came upon some potta-potties that all had long lines. However, behind them, the guys were using the bushes, so I went ahead do did my duty there. In talking about it later with someone online, I mentioned this being a highlight. They promptly made the comment that I must have never been camping before since peeing in bush was a big deal. Well, I pointed out, I’ve been camping plenty (and being in the army, I’ve spent plenty of time in the field). However, is what made this special was the fact it was overlooking a freeway offramp. Yeah, I’m easily entertained sometimes. (And he conceded that this did make it a bit different.)

So, what are your stories? Come on, don’t be embarrassed…we’re all grown-ups.

Written on February 17, 2008