Tough plodders

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I recently signed up on the ultra list-server, hearing that there was good advice to be found there. Well, within about 15 minutes of getting approved, I had about 20 messages in the inbox talking about all sorts of stuff: There was a race going on in Hawaii, a couple of people asking advice about some different injuries and surgeries, discussion about someone setting a new 50K record, and plenty else.

After quickly deciding to switch to the digest version, which is muc

h easier if you check mail from multiple computers, I settled in to see what came.

A few days later, I started to think that I should write a blog post, continuing my series on a non-medically approved approach to running, since there was plenty of stuff (links and article) being thrown around about this type of stuff. But, in the end, decided to just put something up saying this is a great resource for people looking for advice of some very serious/experienced runners.

Also, it’s full of good ideas. It was a posting to the Yours Truly race which is provided the motivation to this weekends training runs. I figure I’m good for at least 25K without any difficulty.  (We’ll see how it goes to get the 50K.)

At one point, someone started talking about walkers in races. I think this was in the discussion about the 50K record and whether it’s really a valid record or not.  Well, someone was complaining about people in big races just plodding along. Then it was said that in the low-key ultra events, you get plodders too. So, the guy responded “Yeah, well, our plodders are tough.”

One Tough Plodder

Made me laugh….being the slow plodder that I am.

Written on January 23, 2009