Training, Logs, And Schedules

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Last night I took the plunge and signed up for the ING Georgia again. Being the last day of the “cheap” entry, figured since I’d probably want to do it, might at well save some money.

Guess that means I should start training. Or at least think about training. Well, maybe not put too much thought into it, but write a blog post so everyone thinks I’m thinking about it.  Er, something like that.

I also want to go back to Hogpen this year.  That course kicked me pretty hard last year, so I think I need some revenge.  I think my tentative goal for that will be 2:10 or under.  Taking 20+ minutes off my time there will be a worthy goal.  Maybe I’ll HTFU this year, and do a double too. :)

I’d like to break 5 for ING.  Not sure if that will happen though, because I might go at it with an “All Walking” approach.  We’ll see how things go over the next couple months.

We’ll see what other races come and go.  Pine Mountain in December sounds good, but realistically, I won’t be ready for it.  I’m going to try to get out to Pumpkin Butt again, but probably to photograph, not run. (Limited slots this year, so don’t want to take one from someone who actually cares about finishing it.)

On another note, I’ve been playing with my log a bit.

When I look at my blog stats, it amazes me that one of the most popular things people look at is my running log.  (You’ll see a link  over there on the right.) And I hadn’t updated it in months.

I haven’t found an online tracking tool I like yet. I understand that people with the fancy Garmin’s have a lot of this stuff built in, and they have a great site that tracks everything, and if I get one, I’ll see how it works.  But everything I’ve done online manually has been pretty clumsy. Sure, there are plenty of fancy Web 2.0 interfaces, but in my opinion, it’s still bulky.

The really fancy spreadsheet I was using was nice, but a little too much for me. (And sometimes depressing, since told me how slow I really run.) I did like tracking mileage on my shoes.

Being a software guy, I’ve also played with writing my own logging tool. I keep getting motivated to do it, then after a day or so, get busy with something around the house that takes me away from it. (Hmmm…lets blame all the stupid games on Facebook.  They’re distracting. Yeah, that’s it.)

So, I’m continuing to using Excel. I put a new version of what I’m using up, and I’ll try to keep the online version up-to-date, since people like to look at it.

(Hey, note that my lifetime miles isn’t accurate. It’s only stuff from the last couple years that I actually logged…so probably around 60% of my actual miles for the time period.  And the thousands of miles in years bygone are exactly that…bygone.)

Now, back to my coffee and daydreaming about training…

Written on September 1, 2009