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Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote anything. (Well, not that long, but enough to make me feel guilty that my loyal readers may be seriously deprived of…well…of me. :)  So here I am, in all my radiant, typing glory.

Things have been busy lately, but all with good stuff.  This last weekend, after a harrowing adventure of chasing around 10 four year ’ with my camera for a couple hours, I was beat. (At a birthday party, not random kids, to be clear.)  Afterwards, strapping on my shoes, I runner-upped, and headed out the door to go explore someplace new, the recently opened trails at Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center.

Wow, these trails were pretty dang cool, just what I’d been looking for. There is a variety of paved and dirt trails, all inter joining with each other, making a bunch of small loops possible.  The longest single section is 1 mile, if I read the map correctly.  There is some flat, and some hills, and there are benches and other neat places to stop, if you feel the need.

The trail also connects to a greenway that runs up to the Mall of Georgia. Apparently, this has been in the works for the last 5 years or so, and people joked that it would never open.  Now, I went through a small section of this last winter, in search of Woodard’s Mill.  The resulting photo’s made this an instant place to return to, and I’m glad I can now get here easily.  (Last year, we bushwhacked down a hill and over fields.) Mill gear from distance

(Click on the photo to go to flickr and see the other shots from the day.)

Now, you may ask, why was I so eager to find these trails? Well, most the trails around here are long loops, so if you’re with a group, you get separated and don’t always see each other again.  Also, I’ve been craving putting together a game of “runners poker” or some other tag-like game.

(Poker would be like so:  Everyone starts off with 5 random cards. You run for an hour, before coming back to the start. The person with the best hand at the end wins. As you run, you can tag other runners as you catch them, and swap cards with them. There may be some “free” cards out there that if you find them, you can add them to your hand.  Or something like that…)

On Sunday, we took a drive out to the mountains and enjoyed the fresh air and pretty sights. (And stopping at a roadside fruit stand to get a pumpkin.)  Here is a picture of what used to be an old chimney in a field. For years, it’s stood out there being overgrown with weeds. But since last time we were out this way, someone has bought the property and is building a house. They incorporated the chimney into their fence, preserving the old architecture.

Chimneys Rebuilt

All-in-all, good times.  Talk to you next time.

Written on October 30, 2008