Who let the dogs out?

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Next weekend is the Hogpen 17K, which I’m tenatively planning on doing. Being mostly uphill, I anticipate it will be a bit on the long side.  Since this is my last weekend for preparation, yesterday I did a brisk 8 miles of powerwalking with Todd (and the second 4 with Jenny too). And, as the back-to-back training that I like so much, today I did a another 12 miles and some change.

My original goal today was to get closer to 15 in 3 hours. Given that I wanted to walk most of it, I knew that would be real tough. Obviously, I didn’t make it, but hey, it was a nice effort..

Some of the highlights:

A great blue heron flew right past me, probably not 50 feet away. It was pretty cool.  Herons are great looking birds when you see them standing around. They are tall and graceful. However, seeing them fly makes me laugh every time. With their long legs dragging behind them, and their necks all scrunched up, they look almost like something out of a cartoon.

I got caught up with some of my podcasts I sometimes listen to while hitting the pavement. A shoutout to UltraDad and Jodi, since you were the two I listened to entire episodes.

One part that made me laugh was Randy mentioning the town of Chilliwack, and says something about you probably don’t know where it is. The funny thing is, I’ve been there. One weekend, my wife and I drove up there from Seattle. Why? Just because we thought the name was funny sounding, so we wanted to see what it had to offer. The border guard didn’t believe thats the reason we were going, and questioned us quite a bit about it.

Jodi mentions recycling some old race trophies. I need to find the link for you, but I think have something for you to do with them.  There is a non-profit that takes finisher medals and givens them to cancer patients. I thought it was a good idea, but I can’t recall the name right now.

The other exciting thing on this was was being chased by a dog.  I was going down the street, happily minding my business when I hear some barking coming towards me. Not a small dog, but a huge slobbering beast rushing at me! (There was a second dog barking away too, but he was hanging back, just having a good time.) This looked like a lab/rot mix. It was barking, and snarling a bit.  I backed a way from it, and it kept coming. So, I started to yell and gesture, and it got the point and stayed where it was.  Whew, he scared the crap out of me.  I definitely won’t go down that street again.  (Word of warning I guess:  If you see a run-down, older subdivision, you probably don’t want to run through it.  Stick with the new ones that obviously have home owner associations.)

Guess that’s about it for a wrap-up.

This afternoon the running club is heading off to go bowling to celebrate Marks birthday. Yay, it’s an opportunity for me to put the fast runners in their place!

Written on January 11, 2009