Wii so fit!

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Wow, we had a record turnout for the Runners Fit group run this morning. 19 people braved the heat and humidity to join us.  We had a number of new people, and a lot of the regulars, and a good time was had. Ryan got beat by the “kids” and one of the “old guys”. (Note terms are relative.) 

After the run, a number of people were talking about the differences between the Garmin 205/305 and the 405. Since I’ve been debating getting one of these for quite a while, I was interested in hearing what they say. Believe it or not, almost everyone preferred the 305. The big complaint on the 405 was the screen was too small to read, and that it can only show 3 functions at once. One guy put the 4 things he’s interested in on one screen on his 305, but can’t do that with the 405.) Also, since the screen on the 405 scrolls, you had to look a bunch of times to see the data your interested in.  However, the wireless syncing on the 405 is pretty cool.

The good news is that the Blue Ridge Relay team is now complete. Unfortunately, I’m not on it…with my knee and back problems I’ve been suffering through lately, I didn’t feel like I’d be ready to run this.  Oh well, next year.  However, at this point, I am planning on driving for them, so I’m still taking part in a way.

The fun thing we’ve been doing all week is the Wii…it’s more addicting that I thought it would be. D scored a Wii-Fit, and having no idea what to expect with it, so we were very surprised by how cool it is.  It’s not going to replace my running, but the balance and stretching stuff sure won’t hurt. Some of the games just made us laugh, like hula-hooping, while others are more tradition but just as fun. I like the skiing games.

One other thing that has been keeping me busy, is I’ve now up up two new blogs that are vaguely related:

  • The first, shopping.gonesomewhere.com, is for products, resturants and other things of a commercial nature that don't really fit in here. There will be some cross posting, such as I'll put some info up about the Wii there, but I'll try to keep it seperate.
  • The other, tech.gonesomewhere.com, is for some work related and technical stuff of mine. For those of you who don't know, I'm a computer programmer and I also like to tinker with stuff. This will be a place to post about that stuff. I doubt I'll have any cross posting here, expect the occassional mention of photography stuff. (One thing on my list to do is writing some remote camera control stuff to make taking my lightning pictures a bit easier.)

Okay, that’s about it for now. Tomorrow is a GUTS training run, so it will be exploring someplace new and I should have something to write about.

Written on July 12, 2008