Yet another marathon post

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Okay, here is yet another marathon post. I’m using an edited version of my original race report for my article in this months club newsletter, so for those of you reading it, sorry for the not-so-original content. Next month, I’ll try to put together what I was originally going to write about.

I’ve edited my original post, fixing some typos. Also, the song playing near the split was Jenny/867-5309. I incorrectly called this Rick Springfield, which isn’t who sang it. (But it would have been great if he did!)

Also, pictures have come out. You can see me here, bib 2747. You’ll probably be able to guess where I was feeling good and where I was dying.

Just to prove he does exist, here’s a picture of Superman.

Using the pictures and results (and guessing on age groups), I managed to track down a couple of the people I was running with. The guy who I ran the last few miles with while crying in agony, is Jiten, bib #3633.

The lady with the daughters that made me laugh, Crystal, bib #3035.

A couple other people left comments on the original post, so they aren’t listed here.

The guy who was running his third marathon and I spent the middle miles with, I couldn’t find. If any of you run across this, feel free to drop a line and say hi.

Written on April 4, 2008