Donuts Every Month? That's Awesome!

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Ah, fond childhood memories… My brother and I used to stay at our grandparents during the summer. Regularly, we’d walk down to the donut shop on the corner to buy our treat for the day. I always loved the big foot, that looked like a footprint.  I’d bite the toes off with great delight, much how other people like decapitating gingerbread men.

My love of donuts started early, and has been a constant for my whole life. Heck, at one point in college, I was in heaven not because I was acing my classes, but because there was a donut shop en-route to school.  Yeah, that year I gained a few pounds. But hey, I think I also had a great GPA that year.

This week at work, during our daily team meeting, my team got quiet and it was announced that they had something to tell me. Uh oh, I thought. What could it be because everyone is in a good mood?  There was some joking about someone winning the lottery, but since everyone was actually in the meeting, I knew that wasn’t the case.

Donut of the month 12-2013 (1)

After a moment, I was told something like “Rahn, as a team, we all decided to get you a subscription to a ‘Donut of the Month’ club!” What?  WoooooooHoooooo.

The rest of the day was spent in eager anticipation.  There were messages like “We got the tracking number” and a great teaser from the wife: “You got a package. It’s from your team, and YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT.”

Hours later, I finally made it home to see what came.

The donuts came by USPS priority mail. Inside, there was a white box inside a zip lock baggie, along with a note saying who it was from.

As I opened the baggy, the delicious smell of donuts wafted out.

Opening the box revealed a dozen maple donuts, with some bacon bits sprinkled on the top.  They stayed fresh, and I enjoyed one immediately.  I decided I’d take one for the team and ate another.  They were good.

Donut of the month 12-2013 (2)

The donuts are from Lil Momma’s Donut’s.  They’re about an hour up the road from Atlanta.

This was a great gift, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next time. Thanks y’all!

Max enjoys a donut with milk. Max enjoys a donut with milk.