The best donuts in Florida - Charlie's Donut Truck

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A picture of Charlies Donut Truck

Anyone who knows me knows that I love donuts.  Seriously, I really do…I’ve even tried making my own at home.  Heck, if I were to open a restaurant, I’d seriously be considering a donut shop.

When we were recently down in Florida, we happened upon Charlie’s Donut Truck off of 30A, in Alys Beach.  Thinking a donut truck seemed like a fun novelty, we stopped, got a couple and continued on our way.  They were so good, that we returned about an hour later, hoping they weren’t sold out, just so we could get a dozen to take back with us.

The truck is “open until sold out.” On asking, we learned that during spring break, they’ve been known to sell out by 7:30 AM, and some people will wait over 45 minutes for one of these golden pieces of goodness.  (For those of you worried about it, we did secure our donuts, and they made it back to Georgia and are now happily sitting in the freezer…no, we don’t know if you can freeze donut’s, but figured it was better than throwing them out.)

We tried a glazed, a blueberry, a sourdough and a cinnamon twist.  All of them were excellent.

If you’re in the area, you need to visit this truck!

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