Attack of the giant chicken

The Adventure After the last adventure with a giant chicken, we kept the farm theme going with Serving the Squash, by Florian Emmerich, Alex Clippinger, Poison Potion Press.

Attack of the giant chicken

The Adventure This session was Attack of the Giant Chicken, by DMDave.

The Sunless Citadel-Part I

Today the D&D group I’ve been working on organizing started it’s first adventure. True, we met last week and screwed around, but it wasn’t playing. Today was down and dirty...

The Inaugural Wednesday Adventure Club, The Wizards Cave

Today marked the inaugural meeting of the Wednesday Adventure Club, a group of elementary and middle school students gathering to play Dungeons & Dragons for the first time.

Alice Is Missing

As I’d been asking around parents of the kids friends whether their childen would be interested in playing some D&D, all the parents eagerly said something to the effect of...

Peru-A Trip to the Cooperative of Weavers at Awana Wasi Tocapo

While we were in Peru, we talked to several people about where to get quality goods at a good price. They all said “go to Chinchero.”