Georgia Marathon 2014

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Another year, another running of the Georgia marathon through the streets of Atlanta.

There were some course changes this year due to the construction, and I thought it added a nice break from what we’re used to.  It also did us all a big favor by making the out and back in Piedmont Park shorter.

I spent almost the entire race running with Michelle, a lady up from Tampa for the race.  The majority of our race consisted of the discussion about how many hills could Atlanta have, and how is it physically possible to have more uphill then downhill on a course that ends where it started.  It was nice having company for the whole run. (We were leapfrogging each other since about mile 5, and around 11, got in sync with each other and stayed mainly together at that point.)

CBS46 had their team at the Expo, and I had a blast giving a weather report and being a news co-anchor. I wish I could find the video of it.

Publix, you did a great job sponsoring this race the last few years.  I hope Lifetime can keep up.

See you next year.