Run the Reagan 2013

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On February 16, I toed the starting line for the second time at the Run the Reagan half marathon.

Unlike last year’s spring-like weather, we were greeted by a chilly 30-something degrees and wind, with a threat of rain promised by the people on TV. Ouch, it was one of the cold, biting winds too, not an easy breeze to enjoy.  The only good thing about it was the direction; on this out-and-back course, it gave us a head wind going, and a tail wind to push us up the hills on the way back.

The course itself was the same as last year, so I knew what to expect. The starting line is at the corner of Ronald Reagan Pkwy and Presidential Circle (behind Target/in front of the hospital). The course takes you almost the full length of Ronald Reagan Pkwy. Just before Pleasant Hill, you turn around and head back.

Going out is fast and furious, with some good downhill to spread out the pack. It stretches on with rolling hills for a bit before the turn-around.  I was pleased to see clocks at every mile marker, with water stations almost as often.

Coming back, the hills aren’t really horrible. Anyone used to running in this area should be used to them… but for some reason, they seemed especially long and drawn out.  Maybe it’s because by the time I got to them, I was already worn out - or maybe it’s just because I didn’t train nearly enough. Either way, this year it was a bit of slog on the way back.  Oh well, we run, and hills are what we signed up for.

This year, my sweetie ran the 10K.  It was her first 10K, and she was hoping to finish using a run/walk strategy. Her planed time was around 1:40, which is what she’d done in a couple of training runs.  She blew that time away, finishing in 1:23, which is awesome!  You can read her report over on her blog.

Thanks to the Gwinnett Daily Post for taking pictures.  One thing I learned at last year’s race was that if you have Comcast cable, you get a subscription to the paper!  Check them out.

[caption id=”attachment_1189” align=”aligncenter” width=”150”]A huffing and puffing finish line photo Rahn at the finish line, Run the Reagan 2013[/caption]